Our Services at InclusivED


Our Remedial Therapy is child-centric. Every child is provided with an Individualised Education Plan (IEP). The IEP is central to our Inclusive Education approach and is based on the needs of the child and areas of concern. This plan is revised every six months based on the child's progress. A meeting is organised every three months between the parents / caregivers and the educator to discuss progress.
The child receives support in improving academics, social skills and behaviour. The therapy is based on different models that are moulded according to the needs of the child. By setting long term and short term goals after a few sessions in discussion with parents, we are able to analyse and steadily track the child's progress.

Each session is 45 minutes to one hour with 2:1 ratio of student to educator.


We conduct workshops for teachers and parents.

As part of our philosophy, we are keen in creating awareness about the importance of Inclusive Education and the various issues that children are facing today. The topics that we address are mainly on sensitization and awareness of different needs, management of behaviors, family dynamics, parenting styles, the core of inclusion and so on.

We also get outside facilitators to address our
workshops and try to make it as interactive as possible.

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WHY inclusived?

Entire Gamut of Learning Disorders

We have the resources, knowledge and experience to cater to all learning disorders

Customised Program for Every Child

No two children are the same and nor are our Individualised Education Plan.

Focused Teaching

Our 2:1 Student to Educator ratio ensures that the child gets the focussed attention they need.


InclusivED was founded by Naomi Menon, who is a trained specialist in the field of special education. The inclusive education centre aims to be a safe learning space for children and young adults to get support for their areas of concern and achieve their goals. InclusivEd caters to any child who is in need of academic, social and behavioral support. We believe in inclusion where all the children can come together to support each other and build their skills. We support children who go to mainstream schools and require after school support as well as children as young as 3 years old to prepare them for schooling. Our services include Remediation and Workshops for teachers and parents. 

Meet the founder

Founder at InclusivEd

Naomi Menon

Naomi Menon, a counseling psychologist, and special educator was awarded a MSc in Counselling Psychology, from Christ University, Bangalore, and completed her MEd in Inclusive Education from the University of Glasgow, Scotland in 2015. She is a Member of the International Association of Special Education. 

She has been influenced by various theories and practices from around the world that provide a background to her therapy models. A strong believer in Inclusive Education, she believes in supporting each child individually in accordance with their needs. 

Naomi has worked as a special educator in mainstream schools in Bangalore and was previously the Co-Founder of Merittude. With an unending passion for and knowledge of the subject, she believes in providing a holistic and inclusive environment for all children who seek support to maximize their learning.